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Much thanks to our AWESOME POLICE FORCE!!!!
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April 14


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Much thanks to our AWESOME POLICE FORCE!!!!

Thank you EVERYONE! It was a very difficult time as we dealt with the recent break in and theft - but our super amazing Brevard Police and Detectives just made the whole nasty process so much easier to navigate. The arrests have been made, charges filed and, hopefully, this whole mess is behind us.
Thanks to you all, our friends and family, who prayed with us and cried with us and stood up with us - that's what it's all about isn't it? Loving each other through good and bad. 
I love you all and hope the very best kind of beautiful fills your world today and everyday.

April 14

Hi all!
Happy Spring - almost Summer!
We're changing the site up a little, getting an actual menu online among other things. Hopefully, doing this on our blog pages will be effective. If it doesn't work for you - leave us a note - a suggestion - we always appreciate the help of our friends!

Thank you for coming in everyday and being just the best kind of folks in the whole world. We sure do love y'all!
God Bless and keep you,
Tony and Kirsten
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